September 27, 2013

By The Blue Moon


The light of the full moon shimmered through the vast window of Justin Matthew Sinclair’s penthouse condo. Pacing the length of the condo only added to his nervous excitement from the telephone message. Charles Langford, leader of the Elite clan, had asked to see him. The urgency in his voice only meant one thing: the time had come for Justin to claim his mate.

Like the Langford girls, he’d been born to live the life of a wolfen. It was one of the reasons he’d left his native English township of Hillshire as a young man. When he was but three years of age, the word had come from their North American cousins that he’d been promised the first she-wolf born from the union of Charles and Joanna Langford.

Justin flipped through the file containing his mate’s information. Born thirty-four years ago, Chastity Langford showed signs of the prized strawberry-colored hair even as an infant. Her perfect heart-shaped face and yellow-green eyes held the promise of a lust level known only to those who possessed the ancient she-wolf looks.

Even in the file’s photographs, she held the power to cause his cock to swell painfully against his pants. If she held this sexual power over him now, what would it be like to see her in person? To hold her image in his eyes, inhale her scent, and feel the overwhelming desire to take her with a fiery need known only during the season of the Blue Moon?

It had been over a hundred years since a red she-wolf lived to take her rightful place in the clan. A red-haired princess brought the promise of a new day; a day when the beast men clan could come out of hiding and further their kind with human mates. It was a time when caution would be thrown to the full moon, with only the strong surviving.

A human mate wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Justin, and he knew it. He’d been born for this time, to take the lead of the clan and guide the young wolves in the hunt for their mates during the ancient mating ceremony. Their mating would last longer than a human’s lifetime for the wolfen who claimed a human as their lifemate.

As the eldest of the Blue Moon Sisters, Chastity had been promised to him as she made her way from her mother’s womb into the world. A world where a wolfen society survived among humans; living for the season of the Blue Moon. The rite of passage would soon take place and Justin would claim his lifemate, just as his ancestor had done before him. The question remaining…would he live through it this time?


~~ To Be Continued ~~

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