August 10, 2012

August 7, 2012

Nathan Bransford, Author: Your E-reader is Watching You

Nathan Bransford, Author: Your E-reader is Watching You: For the first time ever, actual science can be derived from reading habits. Thanks to e-books, companies like Amazon and B&N now know w...

August 2, 2012

Porn Stars Offer Advice at Relationship Workshops

Porn Stars Offer Advice at Relationship Workshops
“Sounds like you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time to me. What did the
authorities say?” Lacey asked, adding more marshmallows to Gabby’s chocolate.
“It was a free choice I made. I thought if a pregnant woman stood between the thugs and the
door, they’d leave our apartment. But how were they to know I was pregnant when I didn’t even
have a baby bump yet?” Tears seeped from Gabby’s eyes, and she didn’t even try to stop them.
In fact, she didn’t want to stop them and it felt so damn good. “I called an ambulance, and the
doctor called the authorities. There’s a Detective Joe Michaels who’s assigned to the case, but
nothing has come of it. He hasn’t been able to find neither Ryan nor the thugs who assaulted me.
Detective Michaels still calls occasionally, just to see if I’m all right or remember anything new,
but that’s about it. Basically it’s a cold case now.”
Lacey nodded her head, sympathy flitting across her face. “So what is it that you want then,

Charles sat in his office waiting for Justin to report back to him after the mating had
begun. Yes, he’d been hard on Chastity, maybe a little too hard. He’d done it for the girl’s
own good, at least that’s what he kept telling himself over and over again for the past two
“What the hell is taking so long?” He got up out of his chair and made his way to the
vast bulletproof windows overlooking not only the Jefferson River and Brey Forest, but he
also had a bird’s eye view into his daughters’ offices. The blinds to Chastity’s office still shut
out his view.
He’d seen the faint she-wolfen look in Chastity’s eye way too early, forcing their hands
to move forward. The symbolic painting was not to become known to her for another seven
days, when they’d had more time to prepare for the binding. But that was a mere
technicality when it came to protecting his daughter. She needed someone to focus her
growing need on. She needed Justin. Charles was sure Rowan Angus, the Beta leader and his
mortal enemy, had found a way to move time forward.