September 29, 2013

By The Blue Moon -- Chapter 1

Chapter One

Her dress hiked up to her waist, she gripped the edge of the cool mahogany desk. Her breasts flattened against the dark richness of the desktop, her nipples pebbled with hard desire for his touch. His large, roughened hand moved softly over her garter-clad ass a knee wedged her black-fishnet-covered legs further apart. Her pussy lips spread to accommodate the breadth of two long fingers, coaxing her juices to flow rapidly. She sucked in a whisper of a breath as he did his magic to her channel. Now, please take me now, she silently pleaded, wanting nothing more than to feel him spank her butt cheek hard before claiming her with his cock. Her hips shifted with his movements…
Chastity Langford became rigid in her chair at the sound of her name, bringing her out of what had become one of her usual lunchtime fantasies. Damn! She quickly gathered her composure before turning away from the vast window overlooking the Jefferson River.
Her middle sister, Charity, stood just outside her office door. She looked shocked, like she’d just walked in on their parents. “The least you could do is close the blinds. I don’t understand what’s come over you lately,” she said, keeping an eye on the pathway along a row of cubicles, making sure no one was headed their way. “One of these days you’re going to get caught in the midst of your erotic daydreams by Clarity and summoned right up to Daddy’s door. You know how she is.”
Chastity laughed, smoothing her skirt. “Playing with herself might make her ease up a bit; it certainly helps me. Anyway, I really think she needs to get laid or something. Maybe I’ll buy her a rabbit. That’ll really put her over the sexual edge.”
Charity stepped into the office, closing the door behind her. “She’s our little sister, Chas. And even though you believe that’s what she needs, the problem is she doesn’t. You’ve got to respect her feelings and mine, and try to know or understand them, as well. And the truth be told, neither of us really understand what’s happening to you either, Chas. If I were you, I’d plan on being very cautious from here on in.”
Nodding, Chastity knew in her heart Charity was right. Over the past few months, the idea of sex had started to distract her from business. All she could think about was finding out what it was like being fucked, and the more she read the more she fantasized about it. The more her body craved to know what it felt like to have a man inside her, the more she found ways to imagine it happening. Like today, caught with her hand between her legs, literally. Thankfully the silver, egg-shaped vibrator purred in silence, keeping her secret safe.
She looked across her desk at her sister, wondering why now, in her thirties, the desire to be screwed like a whore in the night enveloped her. They used to be so alike, driven to succeed in business, not giving sex a second thought. Now she was as randy as a bitch in heat, leaving Clarity and Charity the only ones who acted normal. As sisters, they’d always seemed to go through their stages together, but no more. They were as close to being triplets without being triplets as was humanly possible, each being born within a year of the other. Their parents certainly had a thirst for sex in their fertile years, even if there were no more babies born into the family.
“You and Clarity don’t seem to be affected by this at all.” She sighed deeply and turned back to the calm waters of the river. “I wish I had the answers to my sexual craving, Charity.”
As the eldest daughter of a founding member of Langford and Langford, Chastity took her position seriously. Overseeing the HR department and protecting her younger sisters wasn’t glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but it gave her a sense of responsibility and self-worth. She’d earned the position, having majored in general business with a minor in human resources, and she’d narrowly beat out some of the top students in her class.
Over the past few months she’d found her mind wandering, spent hours daydreaming about nothing in particular. Only recently, thoughts of sex gave her more of a sense of power than the prospect of someday running a company built on sweat and tears, with an occasional spillage of blood that never hurt anyone. At least that’s what Daddy and Uncle Foster kept telling her. And that’s all they told her.
At thirty-four she still had no idea what really lay beneath the foundation of Langford and Langford. She had this unsettled feeling that, for the moment, she was better off not knowing. She had more pressing matters to contend with, like getting back to her fantasy and the silver object still humming inside her.
“Oh, by the way, Mr. Matthews is asking for you. Something about you being late for a penthouse meeting, which thankfully I wasn’t asked to attend.” Charity winked then walked out of the office while Chastity hustled to button the opening in her dress and apply a fresh coat of lip gloss.
* * * * *
Chastity strolled into her father’s penthouse office like a she-wolf on the prowl. If only she knew how true to form she really is, Justin laughed to himself, feeling the all too familiar ache of his cock. I can only assume it was like this for all the Sinclairs when their mates were coming into heat for the first time. I could smell her juice before she even walked through the door.
If she knew the reaction her mere presence took with his mind and body, she might not be so smug about being a Langford. Or maybe she would; after all she was the prized I possession of the Langford clan. The eldest of the Blue Moon Sisters, as the clan referred to them, to carry on their ancient lineage…and his.
Since being brought in by Charles Langford, he knew he took liberties with his place in the family company more times than she probably cared to admit; after all, she didn’t have a clue as to why he was there. But she would soon enough, and he couldn’t wait to be there when she did.
“Daddy.” Leaning over, Chastity placed a kiss on her father’s cheek, revealing a hint of cleavage.
Justin sat back, tapping his pen in annoyance as saliva seeped at the corners of his mouth. “You’re late, Ms. Langford.”
“Justin.” Chastity took her place to the right of her father, a killer smile on her face that radiated sexual need. “Nice to see you, too.”
Damn! He nodded, pushing a stack of papers across the table. It would be a lot nicer for both of us if you were bare-ass naked instead of suited up tighter than a Christmas present. As soon as possible, I’m going to put that pretty little ass of yours next to my cock.
“Shall we get on with it?” Justin flipped open the first page. His crotch swelled. Watching her breasts strain beneath the fabric of her dress, he thought of nothing more than taking those pebbled nipples in his mouth. The only thing I’d really like to get on is your backside with my cock buried deep inside you. He took a depth breath, hoping the surge of lust would come down to a quiet wave.
Justin leaned forward, the smell of her near orgasm penetrating his senses. He almost came with the knowledge that she’d been playing with herself again. “I promise to make things as easy on you as possible, Ms. Langford.”
“Chastity,” Charles Langford said, settling deeper in his chair. “I’ll cut to the chase. From this day forward, you’ll be working with Justin. The two of you will be together constantly. If this company is going to continue through the years to come, you’ll have to do as I say…and as Justin instructs. I don’t have time to listen to your objections. There isn’t time to object, so don’t even try.”
Chas opened her mouth in what Justin presumed would be a major protest. He fully expected her to kick and scream all the way through this meeting. Kicking and screaming could be a good thing, as long as she was at my mercy.
Charles raised his hand to stop any protesting Chastity might have given. “Listen to me. I said no objections and I mean it.”
“Daddy, I don’t need this…this watchdog with me day and night. HR isn’t that exciting. In fact, Charity or Clarity could handle it better than I.”
“It’s time to take your rightful place, Chastity.” Getting up from his chair, Charles Langford stood behind Justin. “Your sisters’ times will come; for now, you will do as I instruct. Justin will be your guide and your mentor. Follow him carefully.
“Justin, you have my blessing to do as you must. Being the eldest, Chastity will no doubt try to run roughshod over you.”
“Yes, sir, she’ll be just fine,” Justin said, capturing his future mate’s yellow-green eyes with his own. “It’ll be a pleasure, I’m sure.” In his human heart he knew he had a challenge sitting in front of him, but his wolf heart howled with anticipation of Chastity Langford’s sweet nectar dripping on him.
* * * * *
Chas stiffened as her father left the meeting room. What in the hell is Daddy thinking? Part of her wanted to jump up and scream at the top of her lungs, while the other part found it a great opportunity to play with Mr. Justin Matthews. She’d have to think about the game to be played first. She contemplated a rousing game of strip Monopoly if for no other reason than to get to see if he had the balls to try to take on the challenge of getting her to do his bidding, but decided against it. She doubted he played fair at anything.
“I don’t need your guidance in anything, Justin. Least of all how to run the HR department.” Chastity licked her lips, pushing away from the table. The power of his sexuality took her by surprise, filling her body with a need to have him inside her.
Funny, she hadn’t noticed her wanton thoughts while her father was in the room with them. Why now? Why all of a sudden did she become filled with a need to throw herself at the little piss ant sitting smugly across the table? Even if she did find him attractive and wanted to find out what lay underneath the tight leather black pants, he was still a piss ant who wormed his way into her father’s good graces. A long-haired Adonis whose physical presence melted her into a pool of liquid silver.
Maybe jumping his bones wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I’d finally find out what having a real dick instead of a pink rubber one would be like. Hell, on second thought I’m not up for that kind of rejection now or ever. Or at least not until I’ve had a little more experience in the area of bodily pleasures.
Justin smiled, getting out of his chair and drawing in a breath. “Wow, so you do have a…bitchy side to you. I would never have guessed it the way you walked in here.”
“You sure can be a prick when you want to be, Matthews.” She stood and moved from the table, the need for distance warring with the need to be in his arms. He was so damnably sexy.
Smirking, he picked up the stack of papers, and walked toward her. “I have a feeling you like that quality in me, Ms. Langford.”
“In your dreams, Mr. Matthews,” Chastity spat, finding herself backed up against the vast span of glass and the papers he’d once held fluttering around her feet.
With Justin standing mere inches from her, all she had to do was reach out and smack that smirk clean off his face. Instead, her pussy quivered in anticipation of what his closeness might promise. She held his hot gaze, his gold-specked eyes reflecting the orange glow of the setting sun.
His hands moved lightly over her breasts then pinched a nipple hard and fast. A hot shiver seared through her and she licked her lips. She held fast as he pressed his bulging hard-on against her thigh, her clit twitching harder with need. Her pussy tightened around the silver object purring against her clit in her panties, her hot juices seeping from her cunt.
Nearing the edge of coming in her silk panties, she closed her eyes slightly. If he would only move a fraction of an inch to my mound I won be able to keep silent…or keep my hands off him. Come on, Justin, just a little bit more. Show me what you’ve got to offer a woman, Matthews.
As if he’d heard her plea, he pressed harder against the inside of her thigh. His fingers brushing against the outside of her breast; she moaned with pleasure. His breath hot against her ear, she heard a whisper of words. “Remember, my dear Chastity, I’m the one in control here. I’m a perfect match for that she-wolf instinct growing inside you.”
She-wolf? He thinks of animals at a time like this? She quivered slightly, his tongue and teeth nipping at her earlobe, followed by a soft growl. The sound sensual and powerful, she moaned with the wave of a liquid hot climax threatening to shudder through her body.
Breathless, Chastity focused to find herself alone with her dress unbuttoned, her panties pooled around her ankles and one breast pulled from her white lace bra, its nipple held in a jeweled clip.

~~~ How does Chastity figure out Justin’s all about? ~~~
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