March 31, 2014

DW Manic Monday

What's the story behind the picture?  Come on ... give it your best shot and surprise me!  Psst … there is no wrong/right story, only the one the picture invokes in your mind.

Here's mine:

He passed the door, wondering for thousandth time what went on behind apartment 2B. Looking both ways, making sure no one was in the hall he knelt down and dared to peek through the key hole. His body reacted to the flood of ruby light and the silhouette of Jasmine, his mysterious neighbor. Her full breasts and pebbled nipples pointed to him beckoning him to knock, just once at her door. He swallowed hard, then rose and walked away as he did every day on his way home from the office.

March 24, 2014

Manic Monday

Hmmmm....interesting footwear don't you think?

Would you throw caution to the wind and wear a pair?
If so, to where and why?
If not, why?

So tell a story about these shoes ....

Come on .. don't be shy ...