April 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today my Six Sentence Sunday comes from By the Blue Moon, my werewolf erotic romance. This is the first of four books in the Blue Moon Magic series and is loosely based on the legend of werewolves in the Kettle Moraine Forest in Wisconsin.

Set Up:

Justin and Chastity are in the elevator of Langford and Langford where they’ve just had a meeting with Chastity’s father, Charles Langford.

My Six:

“… You want to be fucked in an elevator by a man you despise?” He ground harder into her pussy, and she hugged herself closer to him.
“Yes, Justin, I want you inside me before I come.” She reached down in an attempt to unzip his pants when the elevator doors slid open.
“Shit, Chas. At least it’s not that damn vibrator.”
Chastity stiffened and could have died at the sight of her father standing in the doorway.

Want to know what Daddy really had to say?  Find out here

We're just getting started! Discover more of Six Sentence Sunday here.


  1. OMG! Talk about AWKWARD! But very sexy and leading. Good six. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jp, that's exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to post a new one next week.

  3. A werewolf erotic. I've never heard of that. Story sounds interesting. Elevator sex scenes are so "up&down." Haha!! Nice six!

    1. Thanks Wildcats Wife ... it was interesting writing it. Each author had their own take on the family yet some things just had to remain the same.