December 7, 2012

New Contract

Human Touch, co authored with Honey Jans, has found a home with MuseItUp Publishing. Release date is July of 2013. Here’s a peek into the future:

“Teach me what it’s like to be human.”

In 2499 it’s reported that sex is forbidden and all natural child conception shall end, until ….

In 2525 three human couples discover sex and give birth to three rogue babies that are captured in a raid. Then…

In 2550 three humans raised by SPAR officials, Reola, Stuart, and Simon rediscover what their parents before then knew…

Human Touch.

Sperm Pollination Alternative Resources (SPAR) is a government facility organized by the World Law as a way to control the population and species.

Jameson Clark reports the changes regarding birth of children in the future. He is also the leader of the mysterious Colony of sexual freedom that plagues SPAR.

Jules and Miles Clark find a box of contraband sexual material that gives the history of human touch and human births. They, along with Kallie and Logan Whitager, and Lilly and Charles Warwick, find the temptation of the flesh irresistible.

Thirty years later, Reola Clark is a sperm collection technician who thinks she’s a product of pollination between a spermdroid and an uterdroid. When a mysterious key shows up in one of her collection trays she can’t help but wonder what "PG 101" means. She enlists the help of childhood friend, Stu Whitager to find the answers. Answers that will change her life forever.

Stu Whitager knows that Re is a real live human being, not the manufactured one she believes she is. Stu has kept a secret since his childhood, when his parents told him of the deception of S.P.A.R. and World Law. He now must fulfill a promise made to their parents, that on Re’s thirtieth birthday he’ll give her the key that will not only unlock her body to sinfully delicious pleasures, but also her heart.

Simon Warwick knows the truth as well.  In a position of power he has grown up believing his parents where betrayed and killed by the Colony in the raid that captured him, Reola, and Stu as babies.  Revenge burns in his heart and finds its outlet when he captures and sexually tortures Reola and Stu to make them reveal the location of the colony.


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